Vigorexia is a big problem.

The 60% the people of gym suffer vigorexia in some moment of their live.

Today is more important the physical appearence, the boys obsess with their body, this behaviour can provoke a psicological disorder to meet how vigorexia.

This disorder is not a illness, this is a beauty problem.

This problem can provoke liver injury, erectile dysfunction. This is disorder is usual in the men, in them produce a body distortion, could produce alteration in themselves.

The voice of Students…


An amazing opportunity

Every year, the Spanish Department of Education offers 25.000 grants for students to travel to some country of english speech.

Have you ever dreamed with go to New York? Would you like to see the Big Ben? Now, students can make their dreams real with the help of the graps of Spanish Department of Education. Every year, 25.000 students go to another country in summer, when the mother tongue is english, and they study during three weeks there. The scolarship holders can live with another family or in a residence of a university. They must go to lessons of english during three hours everyday, except the weekend. The lessons have four parts: Listening, reading, speaking and writing. When the classes finish, the student receive a university degree where is specified the level of his course. This is an amazing opportunity to people who don’t have enough money to pay a trip. The money that the Department of Education give is directly proportional with the cost of the travel. The destionations with more demand are New York (Manhattan, Miami, Boston, San Francisco and San Diego), United Kingdom (London, Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, Liverpool) and Malta, but you can do your course in other countrys, as Ireland, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The money that the Department give you is between 1.200 Euros (Malta) and 2.600 Euros (Australia). There are companys of travel when you can contract the trip. But you can visit the places more important of this countries too. The university usually glides excursions. Five years ago, the number of graps offers to travel were 50.000, but now, the Department of Education only give 25.000, for the econocmic crisic. The only requirements to get the graps is that you have received a grap of this Department the last year and study english as first language. In adittion, you have to have between sixteen and thirty years old. If you didn’t receive any grap the last year, you can find other graps to travel, as the grap “Idiomas y juventud” of the Meeting of Andalusia. To get it, you must have between sixteen and twenty years old, and you have to have a good note of secondary. Not every people can choose an opportunity as this one… If you have the requirements to win a trip of your life, the travel that you always have dreamed and you want to learn english, other cultures and other style of life, you don’t have to doubt it any more. The term is opened until the day 31 of March. More of 20.000 students have asked for it already. The results will go out at the beginning of May. If you don’t have interested in a trip to learn english, you can get other grap to learn french, in France and Germany.

José Carlos Palao Marchena 2º Bach. B



Visit Scotland!

Scotland is a country that is a part of the United Kingdom.It is located in the northern of the island of Great Britain.Its capital is Edinburgh and the largest city is Glasgow.

One of the Scotland s emblem is the thistle .Scotland is an important cultural centre ,and some of the most famous Scottish people are Arthur Conan Doyle,Alexander Fleming ,Alexander Graham Bell, sir Walter Scott or Adam Smith.


It is the second largest city in Scotland, and in Edinburgh there are many interesting places to visit. For example the Edinburgh University, main street, or Edinburgh castle. Other places to visit are the national museum, the Calton Hill or the Scott monument




St Andrews is an important and small city which is located in the east of Scotland. St Andrews is a beautiful city and there are many places to visit, like the cathedral , the university or the St Andrews s castle.st Andrews is known for golf. There is the oldest golf club in the world

Others places

Stirling castle.Located in Stirling , the castle is one of the most important castles in Scotland. It is situated on top of a mountain.

Near Stirling castle in the Wallace monument ,which commemorate the actions of William Wallace during the war of independence .

Other important monument in Stirling in the statue of Robert the Bruce, who was the king of Scotland.

Rosslyn chapel is a Roman catholic church which was founded on 15th century by William Sinclair , of the noble family descended from norman

Knights.The chapel is located in Midlothian , near Edinburgh. A curious place in the chapel is the carvings of Indian corn, because the crop was unknown in Europe at the time of the chapel s construction.


Loch ness is a large, deep loch in Highlands , Scotland. Loch ness is best known for the loch ness monster which is called nessie. It is the second largest loch after loch Lomond . In the Loch Ness there are the ruins of the Fort William  

Glasgow is the largestcity in Scotland and the third most populous in United Kingdom. It is situated on the river Clyde.Glasdow has the largest economy in Scotland and it is at the hub of the metropolitan area of Scotland. The most important place to visit is the Glasgow Cathedral , where saint Mungo established Glasgow. Other place to visit in Glasgow is the Armadillo, an iconic structure.


Callanish stones are situated near the village of Callanish on the west coast of the island of Lewis , in Scotland.It was built aroun 2600 years BC.The 13 primary stones form a circle.The tallest of the stones marks the entrance to a burial cairn where human remains have been discovered. One theory said that the stones form a calendar system based on the position of the moon